…and done! 

So, technically two months done today. 

I finished off the corpse cart. I can’t see me using this other than as a mount for the necromancer. So it’s between 175 -210 points. 

Tried a NMM gold on the bell. Not bad for a first shot, but I’m not overly happy with it.

Same with the fire. That said, I really really like the Scale 75 colours! 

And this months was the Vargulf. I’m not massively happy with it either, something doesn’t sit well with me. I think I need more details on the muscles. And I think I’ll do the fur slightly different next time. But 175 points all done! 


Finally, I started off a few zombie unit fillers and the mounted vampire/Wight King bsb/blood knight. I haven’t quite decided what I’m doing with it. 

Next time, more WIP pictures. 

So, effectively, anything I paint this month is a bonus! I think I’ll try to finish more unit fillers and work on the Bsb. Then start working on the move,ente trays to get them done! 

(Also, need to prettify the blog too!) 


Hurrah! PhD proposal out of they way. 

So, the PhD has been submitted time to wait. 

But you don’t want to know about that. It’s all about the minis on this page. So here we go. 
I sold a whole bunch of my Necrons. All that is left is the cards, the immortals, the Warriors and the command barge. Fingers crossed they’ll sell soon too. 
I bet you are wondering what I did with all the money? 

Well.. I bought more models. (I know… I know…) 

I’ve ordered some Dark Elf stuffs. Some Wytch Elves (Avatars of war) and a cauldron of blood from EBay. All in all, not that bad. 

This weekend marks the beginning on my painting quest. 200 points a month, here we go. 

This weekend I’ll finish off my corpse cart, then prime my zombie unit fillers. 

The target this month is the varghulf plus some zombies. So WIP pics won’t be long! 

If I hit the 200 points, I’ll move into doing some of the Vargeists. I’ll maybe even start those this weekend too, depending on time. 

For now, bye! Hopefully, the next post will be accompanied by a much prettier website! 

Do I really *need* all those models?


Well, no. Not really. I suffer from what most hobbyists have the ” ooooo shiny” syndrome.

In an effort to reduce my work load, and maybe finish a project I have been talked into starting a painting blog.

Pretty basic as you can see, but I’m in the middle of a PhD proposal so I’m a little busy else where.

Below is a picture of my unpainted stuff.


I forgot to include my Terrorgeist, and some GW trees. And a few other things too.

It doesn’t look too bad, until you realise that two of the boxes have at least 40 models each…

To that end, my Necrons are now up on eBay and most of the Stormcast have been shifted off to go to a friend, with the promise of some skaven being sold too. That cuts my workload down by a lot, but to be fair. Only brings it back to where it was before Christmas.

So… The list? Well here goes.

So Warhammer Fantasy (RIP)



Mortis engine



Corpse cart


3 vargeists

11 black Knights.

8 Blood knights

20 ghouls.

10 zombies

2 Vampire Lord

5 wraiths

Rider for coach

20 skeletons

Skull Thrower plus Crew.

Movement trays.


6 giants rats


Crew for cannon

Dark elves 

Fleet master


Cold one Knights

20 dread spears

20 corsairs


Storm cast eternal 

Lord castellant

Griffon dog

Warhammer 40k


Hammer head

3 battle suits

10 path finders, 3 drones.

5 stealth suits, 2 drones


20 fire warriors.

6 drones.

3 path finders


Pandora crew box set.

Jacob lynch. Crew

Fire storm Armada 

 1 cap.

6 destroyers


2 tokens

And the entire Gates of Antares Starter set.

To be fair, as far as backlogs go. This isn’t too bad, even before I sold a bunch.

My main motivator to get it all done, is that I want to start playing more games. (Infinity is big up the list). But I cant justify it based on how much I have waiting to be painted.

Step 1: Start a blog (We can check that one off the list)
Step 2: Make a list of Stuff to paint (That one is done too!)
Step 3: Plan a list of painting for the next few months.. (I’m thinking of jusjt 200-250 points a month minimum for Warhammer.
Step 4: Paint!


Now I just need to work out how to use this airbrush.